Promote-Her: Gender Diversity and Live Music

As the music industry makes strides in gender equality amongst performers, what does gender diversity look like behind the scenes? A field still largely dominated by men, women promoters and bookers still face an uphill battle when it comes to progressing their careers. In this panel, a talented group of women promoters discuss their journey in the industry, the challenges they have, and continue to face, and how they believe the landscape of live music can shift to encourage more gender diversity, on and off the stage.


  • Morgan Cairns, Cry Baby, Sled Island (Moderator)
  • Kat Estacio, Wavelength, Pantayo
  • Emma Bortolon-Vettor, Wavelength, Bonnie Trash
  • Contra, FOREIGNERZ, Cartel Madras
  • Robyn Stewart, BreakOut West

(Photo: Elyse Bouvier)