Lineup Changes - Stamped, No Erasies

We've got some news - news that initially bummed us out but now makes us super happy. With over 230+ bands playing the festival, it's inevitable a small handful will have to cancel for one reason or another. Both, The Spits and BadBadNotGood are no longer able to play Sled Island for their respected reasons. The Spits ran into some hard times, and we did our best to make it work. Unfortunately they had to cancel. BadBadNotGood were offered a top secret recording opportunity that they couldn't refuse. We respect the decision they had to make and hope to see them blowing up in the near future! On the upside, we've now added a couple more bands and shows to the festival that are sure to blow some minds!

We are proud to announce The Urinals, one of the most highly respected bands in punk rock history are now coming to Sled Island. This is the kind of stuff music fans should know about. It's time to shape up and broaden your musical horizons.  Past festival headliners Yo La Tengo did when they cited them as one of their major influences; local legends Women did every time they would take a break in their magical set to cover The Urinals classic  "Black Hole", and so many more. In a few words, this band is important. They are a classic. Go see them. 

Making a return to Sled Island are Ladyhawk, an all-time staff fave from East Vancouver that sound like... every one of your friends ripping their sweaty shirts off in a rock show, like biking in a formidable V by the river late at night, like driving 18 hours straight to Halifax and screaming "I DON'T ALWAYS KNOW WHAT YOU'RE SAYING" at 1am in the rain, like playing scrappy baseball… Duffy, Darcy, Sean and Ryan write heartfelt rock songs awash in beer soaked advice, reminding you to make the most of your time, and fuck the rest. 

Chicago-based How To Dress Well and his early '90s R'n'B vibes have been at the top of most the Sled Island staffers' lists of must-see-shows at the festival. With some worries that HTDW's one set at the stunning Theatre Junction GRAND on June 23 might not be enough to accommodate all of the folks wanting to start swoonin' and get smitten, we went ahead and got him a second show at the festival.  It's gonna be all slow jams and smiles at The Hifi Club on Friday, June 22 along with HUMANS and Wax Romeo & AMAK. Stamped, no erasies.

So there you go. We'll be updating the schedules (web and pdf) as soon as we can. In the meantime, give The Urinals, Ladyhawk and How To Dress Well a listen and take comfort in the fact that Sled Island is going to be stellar.