Sled Island Fundraiser!

Sled Island is gonna' raise some funds while raisin' some fun at this Sunday's fundraiser! We're just weeks away from announcing our first run of artists for the 2013 festival (hint, they rule!) and we thought we might as well get the Palgary party going this week. $10 gets you two stages and multiple floors of incredible bands, awesome DJs, great peeps and good times. Guaranteed. Stamped, no erasies.

Swoonable spacey dream pop like whoa! It's hard not to picture Gold as something of a Calgary supergroup considering the pedigree of Kaelen Ohm (Shrapnelles), Rena Kozak (Shematomas), Matthew Swann (Extra Happy Ghost, Astral Swans) and Chris Dadge (literally every other Calgary band?). One of the festival's favourites!

Fist City:
The talk of the town following their absolutely mind-melting, knee-buckling set at the mini SoundOff festival this past weekend. A dizzying concoction of reverb-drenched surf guitar, garage rock frenzy and angular post-punk.

The Soft Option:
Fronted by one of Calgary's greatest frontmen, Chris Zajko (Sharp Ends, The Ostrich), The Soft Option are a walking lesson in garage-y rock n' roll done right. Hooks, musical detours and incontestable stage presence. We've said it before and we'll say it again - "Losing Streak" might be the best single recorded by a Calgary band in decades!

Kris Ellestad:
Until you've seen him live, it's hard to fully comprehend the seemingly effortless and devastating delivery of expert folk songcraft of Kris Ellestad. While his performances have become increasingly rare in Calgary over the years, they have also become increasingly vital. This is confident music.

NerdX used to be a Calgary staple at all-ages shows held at the Carpenter's Union Hall, melting minds with his unique delivery of some of the most inspired (and admittedly nerdy) rap tunes to hit Canada. When the Hall stopped housing shows, NerdX seemed to go into hiding, increasing his legend through whispers and rumours. Sled Island is proud to announce that he's back and he's armed with some deeply personal and off-the-wall new tunes to go along with the classics.

New Friends:
A super rare club performance by the much buzzed-about Calgary band. New Friends brings together dissonant noise, effortless, long-winded guitar melodies, hard hitting drums and stunningly beautiful vocals. The songs performed by this band were crafted over a period of about 10 years in the bedroom of local hearthrob Evan Van Reekum (Fist City), and are now being supplemented by Calgary dreamboat Ryan Von Hagen - and local mega-ultra babe Kaelen Ohm (Gold). You know, just a few New Friends.

Wild Rosé Soul Club DJs:
For the duration of the party, the all-star line-up of Calgary soul party DJs will be spinnin' tuneage that is 100% guaranteed to make your

+ Much, much more announced over the coming days!
Come out and try to wrangle some info about the 2013 festival from us if you can...