A Flood Of Support For Live Music

Dear Sled Island festival-goers, artists, partners and volunteers,

With a large number of artists currently in Calgary without shows and others traveling out of the city, a number of performances have begun popping up in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and other nearby cities. Unfortunately, Sled Island 2013 remains cancelled.

However, in this difficult time, there has been an overwhelming outpouring of support from venues (traditional and non-traditional) outside of evacuation zones, festival partners and residents of Calgary and nearby cities to arrange alternate plans for these and other artists. While Sled Island 2013 is cancelled, live music continues to find a way to make its importance felt. The incredible communities that support live music throughout the year continue to surprise and humble us all, making the best of a bad situation.

With the Sled Island office evacuated, limited resources and inconsistent access to phone and internet, we are unable to keep all updated on the inspiring concerts and intimate performances happening in the face of a terrible situation. However, we feel it is imperative to acknowledge the impact live music can have on people on trying times and the incredible work that people have done to facilitate it happening.

If you are an artist, attendee or show promoter with a live music event taking place, we encourage you to let people know on our Facebook page. If you choose to partake in live music in the coming days, we urge you to do so safely and full-heartedly.

The Sled Island team is overwhelmed and touched by the efforts of all who have contacted us and our artists this week. Thank you all. We love you.