CJSW Picks: FemCon

Need a little expert endorsement to narrow down your Sled Island schedule? We've got just the thing. Some of our favourite DJs at CJSW have compiled their picks alongside links to Soundcloud streams. Next up: Femcon Music from Jasmine Retzer & Kerry Maguire.

There’s been a lot of press this past year calling out festival lineups dominated by cis-male bands. Sled Island does away with the all-male rock band lineup, and instead does an incredible job of programming a diverse festival that represents not only many music genres, but many genders, ages and races. Here are some picks by Jasmine, host of Suffragette City & Volunteer Coordinator at CJSW, and Kerry, CJSW’s music librarian. Tune into Suffragette City on CJSW 90.9FM at 2pm on Tuesday, June 23rd for more femcon music we’re excited about!
The Basement Demons
This is the coolest band. Were you in a punk band when you were 9 years old? I definitely wasn’t. Basement Demons is comprised of two sets of siblings, who are cousins, aged 9, 12, 15 and 20. They make awesome noisy punk music, and are badass performers.  -K

Mykki Blanco
I predict that Mykki Blanco’s show is going to be the funnest (yep, funnest) show at Sled Island. Listen to this track from Gay Dog Food and you’ll know what I mean. Mykki Blanco is a multi-faceted, multi-gendered rapper, performer, published poet and all around amazing human that we have lots to learn from.  -K


Mammifer is a band that’s new to me, discovered while perusing Sled’s pre-festival playlist. Musicians after my own heart, this two piece from Seattle that crafts together organs, guitars, field recordings, feedback and vocals to make disquieting and lovely sounds. -K

Guantanamo Baywatch
I imagine hundreds of people breaking out into a 60’s style twist off as they rock out to the surfy psychobilly riffs of Guantanamo Baywatch. This trio hails from Portland, Oregon, and yet you can’t help but be transported to a sandy beach with crashing surf breaks and where cut-off denim shorts are the fashion statement of choice. Plus I have a major girl crush on bassist Chevelle Wiseman. - J.

One of my absolute favourite local bands. I am head over heels for Beth Baines’ dreamy vocals and delicate guitar shimmer, which ties perfectly together with Craig Fahner’s breezy drum beats. This bedroom pop pair hit all the right notes. Word on the street is that this might be one of Brushsigns last live performances. - J.
Her Harbour
Like sailing on deep blue waters while a mermaid lures you in with her melodic song. -J