CJSW Picks

Sled Island is just two days away! Have you gotten around to giving the lineup and schedule a good look? If you haven't, fear not: our friends at CJSW 90.9 FM have shared their own custom schedules and picks for the festival. Read on for writeups from their team and links to examples of what makes their picks great.

Marta Ligocki (Host of MAPL Syrup)
Kerry Maguire (Music Coordinator and Local Library Coordinator, Host of Some Velvet Mornings)
Whitney Ota (Music Director, Host of The New New Classics)
Jasmine Retzer (Volunteer Coordinator and host of Suffragette City)

Marta Ligocki (Host of MAPL Syrup)
The best part of Sled Island is diving into the deep sea of Canadian bands that make a pilgrimage to Calgary for the festival. No matter the genre or venue, you’re bound to find a new artist tearing it up alongside the heavy hitting headliners.

A special nod goes out to the Weird Canada, CJSR, CITR and CFCR showcases. These organizations are a shining example of what it means to support emerging Canadian artists. (CJSW is alright too, I guess).

Although you might need a teleporter to make it to every single band in my schedule, I hope you sprinkle a healthy dose of CanCon into your Sled experience.

Sample some of Marta's picks:

Hood Joplin
Monroeville Music Center

Kerry Maguire (Music Coordinator and Local Library Coordinator, Host of Some Velvet Mornings)
Sled Island is looming! I have planned a sometimes ambitious, but mostly chill schedule for the festival. I am trying to sample a little bit of everything weird and strange and pretty: noise, drone, beats, post punk, industrial, and, for your fourth wind, some late night DJs. 

There are bands I have seen already many times and need to see again, bands that I have only just heard of, and artists that I have been waiting to see for a long time. I also have some long stretches of unplanned time that I have set aside to wander between venues and see what happens.

Make sure to listen to the radio at all times that you are not actually at the festival, because the live sessions will be plentiful and incredible! Have fun and see you around!

Sample some of Kerry's picks:
Heaven For Real
Painted Fruit

Whitney Ota (Music Director, Host of The New New Classics)
Sled Island is one of our favourite times of the year, here at CJSW. As you may know, we try to schedule as many live sessions as humanly possible, doing as many as six live bands in a single day and around twenty throughout the week. It is always a lot of fun, if not a logistical nightmare. Over the years, we’ve had so many incredible bands through the CJSW studios, and I’m really excited to announce that this year, we’ll be having amazing groups like JOOKLO ZAPPA, Conduct, WHOOP-Szo, HSY, Shearing Pinx, ANAMAI, By Divine Right, New Bomb Turks, Davachi/Smith and many many more. 

With that in mind, I created a schedule of the live bands that will be performing live on the air at CJSW. It probably goes without saying, but these are free for everyone, just turn on the radio or head over to cjsw.com to stream online. We’ve also got podcasts set up now, so even if you miss a performance, you can still check it out afterward!

Sample some of Whitney's picks:
Jooklo Duo
Shearing Pinx
By Divine Right
New Bomb Turks

Jasmine Retzer, (Volunteer Coordinator and host of Suffragette City)
My radio program Suffragette City focuses on women in music, specifically celebrating rad female artists. Sled Island also falls upon my birthday week (yes I celebrate the entire week), so my schedule is equal parts a research tool for discovering ladies in music and a groovy setlist for you know... dancing your way around the city. Raising a toast to Sled Island on their 10th year! 

Sample some of Jasmine's picks:
TT The Artist

Duchess Says
Angel Olsen
Hush Pup
Vulva Culture
Julia Holter