BIPOC Comedy Writing Workshop and Live Show With Nour Hadidi


We’re very excited to announce that we have partnered with comedian and Sled Island alum Nour Hadidi and her BIPOC Comedy Writing Collective for two very special online events!

Join us on October 21 at 7pm MDT for the BIPOC Comedy Writing Collective LIVE Show! A one night only special live presentation of some of the best comics from the BIPOC Comedy Writing Collective! Hosted by Nour Hadidi, and featuring Anasimone George, Brandon Ash-Mohammed, and Hoodo Hersi, these comics have made appearances on Just For Laughs, CBC, Comedy Network and The Kevin Hart LOL Network!


Then on October 23, we’re incredibly proud to present the BIPOC Comedy Writing Workshop! This two-and-a-half-hour online workshop is a space for you to collaborate with other BIPOC creatives. Learn how to establish good writing habits and start to set writing goals for yourself; find your comedic voice and your inspiration; discover what makes others laugh! This workshop is open to BIPOC creatives with a keen interest in writing, or comedy (or both)!

There will be a 30 minute Collaboration Session immediately following the workshop - specifically designed for individual feedback, industry questions and idea sharing.

Start time is 1pm MDT. Limited to 10 participants. No experience necessary. Admission is $30, but please reach out to if price is a barrier to participation.


About the instructor:

Nour Hadidi is a professional comedian and TV writer. Nour was born in Jordan and is now based in Toronto. Nour has written for This Hour Has 22 Minutes, The Beaverton and for The Comedy Network. She has performed at The Winnipeg Comedy Festival, JFL42, CBC’s The Debaters and a special for Comedy Central Arabia. She’s been featured in Reader’s Digest, Flare Magazine and the Toronto Star as a comedian to watch.

What students are saying about the BIPOC Comedy Writing Workshop:

“Nour Hadidi is an excellent instructor!”  - Geeta

“Nour did a really good job creating a safe space.”  - Mazi

“Finally a comedy class/workshop where I wasn’t the only WoC!”  - Sophia