Postcards From Sled Island Video Series Launches on New YouTube Channel


Today we're proud to announce a new video series resulting from our Postcards From Sled Island initiative. The series launches today and will continue to run into March of 2022, and is free to watch now at Sled Island's new YouTube channel.

This past June we launched Postcards From Sled Island as a way to stay in touch with the music community in the midst of a pandemic, commissioning "video care packages" from many of our favourite local and international artists. We're now very excited to share the full versions of all the videos we received, including 11 live sets, music videos, and short films that previously premiered in short form at Camp Sled Island in August.

Aimed at showcasing both the wealth of talent in Calgary's music & arts scene, as well as the broader artistic community that has rallied around the festival over the years, these creative, professionally shot and recorded live sets, music videos, and intimate short films are a far cry from the Instagram live sets that have become ubiquitous during the pandemic. 

  • DRI HIEV @ Contemporary Calgary - a visceral and hypnotic live set from industrial punks that alternates between saturated whites and washes of colour;
  • Amy Nelson @ Central United Church - recreating her 2019 festival set with an intimate and stunning set of fiery country tunes inside one of the most stunning churches in Calgary;
  • Sunglaciers @ Empty Calgary Office Building - the psychedelic buzz band takes over an empty downtown office building and alters perception of what it means to live in Calgary;
  • Tea Fannie @ Simply Irie - while working at her family's restaurant, this talented MC manifests her own hip-hop world domination;
  • Bug Incision @ Dadge's Backyard - the long-running experimental improv collective featuring Chris Dadge with help from Scott Munro, Lydia Pineau and Chad VanGaalen tips their hat to the backyard gatherings that made pandemic life manageable;
  • Hairnet @ Nana Giancarlo's House - a garage punk house show, where the house is a frozen-in-time grandmother's house. Features the animation work of band members Arielle McCuaig and Ashley Pridham;
  • Slut Prophet @ Palliser Hotel - a self-deprecating and hijinx-filled post-punk set against a classy backdrop;
  • TV Rash From Jane Trash - Megan Kirk's three song puppet show tribute to ex-Calgarians Pre Nup;
  • Ginger Beef - "Flashback"  - the hilarious debut video from Jiajia Li & MSG, melding flute and funk quite literally like never before;
  • Shannon Shaw - @ The Sou'wester - long-time festival favourite from Shannon & The Clams and Hunx & His Punx giving a behind the scenes look at her visual arts practice;
  • Thor Harris - Words Of Wisdom & Hope - the lovable member of Swans, Thor & Friends, and viral star known for demonstrating how to properly punch a Nazi, offers life hacks and advice for surviving depressing times.

We’re also very excited to announce that these videos represent just the start of the series, with Postcards From Sled Island continuing with eight upcoming videos featuring performances by Aladean KheroufiNo More Moments, and more yet to be announced!

The Postcards From Sled Island video series relaunches the festival's YouTube channel alongside the first four Têtes-à-Têtes, a series exploring a broad range of topics in music and art-making, as well as an archive of past festival trailers.

Stay tuned for more from Sled Island's video channel in the upcoming months!

This project has been made possible by the financial support of the Government of Canada.


See the teaser for our newly-launched video series below.